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Stock Trading Advice from a Pro Fund Manager

Hi, I'm Natalya Taranova

Sberbank fund manager for 8 years and founder of stockmarketsupertrader.com


Over 1 million people read my material to learn how the stock market works and use my methods to become a more profitable and consistent. My blog will help you to undertsand market dynamics, price action, trading psychology, day trading strategies, signals and theory.


I don't believe in fad systems or hear-say. Instead I prefer to focus on the fundamentals of trading so that you can go on to develop Your Own Style.
I am certain that my website has all the information you need to take your trading to a professional standard, from my blog posts through to my HedgeFX. charts.
I give away 99% of my content for free. I hope you discover that my free material is better than anyone else’s paid stuff.

I realize you have tons of options in who you read, so I totally get that I need to earn your trust with all of the content I make. If you’re interested, this is my backstory.

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I started writing this site after having spent 15+ years in the industry and bearing witness to the devastation, despair and even instances of suicide that trading the markets can cause. After seeing numerous friends on a downward spiral, and realizing that there must be thousands of other individuals in a similar situation, I decided to produce a stock trading guide that would genuinely give someone the best shot at making it in the markets.

How I got into Trading Stocks
Improve your Stock Trading to a Professional Level

Whilst carrying on my day job as a fund manager at Sberbank, I started sketching out all of the concepts, ideas and information someone would need to bring their trading from practically zero right up to an industry-standard level. I noticed quite quickly that the amount of relevant trading information available Online is practically zero.


I realized that:

➔ Most trading blogs and forums are vague and aloof.

➔ Not many professionals who work in the industry have their own website.

➔ People just want clear information and advice they can use to IMPROVE their performance.


Frustrated with the fact that it’s so difficult for individuals to find RELEVANT trading information by someone who trades at a professional level, I wrote a 70k+ word book on the markets which takes a more cognitive and philosophical approach which is designed to help someone understand how the markets ACTUALLY WORK, as opposed to hear-say, a fad system or quick-fix solution.


So what happened to the book? Good question. Well, after hearing about yet another friend whose life had been negatively affected by getting involved in trading, chronic depression in his case, I decided to reformat the book into a series of blog posts and make everything I had written freely available on this website. At present the site has received well over one million hits and I never fail to be flattered by the sheer volume of success stories that flood my inbox on a daily basis.


Many individuals have the potential to be fantastic traders, they simply haven’t had any form of professional trading education. Making a commitment to this site, and to read my blog in its entirety would be a sensible place to start.
— Natalya Taranova


Once you’ve read some of the free material and start to trust my content, I want you to commit to the website for the long-haul. I’ve left no stone unturned and believe that Stock Market Super Trader genuinely has:


> Higher quality material than any other trading website

> Ideas and concepts you can actually use to improve your performance

> Paid products that will give you a genuine edge in the markets


You are probably asking yourself questions like “what makes this website so special?” or “how is it going to be better than the type of information I’d read on BabyPips?” Well, for a start, it’s written by an industry professional who actually gets paid a salary to trade and invest in the markets. Furthermore, I’ve been doing this ever since leaving college and have built up a wealth of knowledge that not many other traders are willing to give away (at least not to the general public).


Don’t get me wrong, the content I give away on this site isn’t all my own, but then neither are my trading methods. My knowledge and trading ideas are derived from a career spent picking the brains of the very best floor traders, other fund managers and even private investors.


There is no shame in using the same methods that the very top level traders are using to make their money, and as long as my account is consistently growing then that is all that matters to me, and it should be the same for you too.


"The problem with forums is that people like to brag, especially when it comes to the amount of money (or pips) they have made, and it’s seldom that the individuals bragging have any proof at all that they took the trade when they said they did.


When you are in the process of carving out a career as a trader, then the information you choose to read and more importantly, the credentials of the person providing you with that information is everything! That’s why I learned how to trade from people I knew for a fact were actually making serious money in the markets.


I realize 100% that not everyone is fortunate enough to be in that position, where they have the opportunity to bounce ideas around with traders who regularly execute 100k positions in commodity futures markets. This is why I developed Stock Market Super Trader, and why I believe it is the niche factor that makes this the go-to website for anyone wanting to take their trading seriously."

My site is designed to give you a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the stock market, and once you have had some time to process the information I provide, you’ll find trading the markets a much less daunting prospect. I know you are likely sick to death of content which is flakey, doesn’t work, and builds up your hope only to let you down time and time again.


My material is tried and tested, to-the-point, and teaches you exactly what you need to know in order to increase your chances of success in the markets.


Focus on reading my blog from start to finish, then consider using one of my paid products to help develop your new-found ideas and techniques even further. You’ll only wish that you found Stock Market Super Trader sooner.



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