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The Science of Generosity

The Science of Generosity

Numerous evidence-based studies have proven that the act of generosity has a huge number of benefits and positive impacts on an individual.


Some of the findings include:


» that individuals who are generous are much more attractive to the opposite sex

» people who are generous tend to be more happy - which can lead to a circular effect of well-being

» that the act of giving can delay death in senior citizens.

By providing support to the site you will be demonstrating genuine altruism, and this can’t be overlooked when the end-goal is to be financially successful.


There is a wealth of high quality trading information on the website, which I wrote and made available completely free of charge.


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You know, as well as I do, what a rough ride it can be when you start out in the markets and are losing trade after trade. It can have serious financial consequences for individuals, leading to depression, hopelessness and sometimes worse.


Your support will help us STOP THE DETRIMENTAL IMPACTS trading can have on newbies and experienced traders alike.


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Are You Fair and Well Balanced

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I personally feel that IT'S IMPORTANT to give something back even when the opportunity is there to take it for free, and it’s this quality which demonstrates a person is both mature and well-balanced.


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