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You won’t find trading material as game changing as this anywhere else online

access to my personal, annotated trading charts
HedgeFX Trading Charts

Over 10,000 people are using my annotated charts to trade more successfully in the markets

My HedgeFX trading charts are the actual charts I used at work to place live trades. They will give you insights as to how a professional fund manager breaks down price action to find the very best opportunities in the markets.

Find out how I ACTUALLY trade the markets with my personally annotated trading charts

Annotated Trading Charts
My charts will show you the thoughts which go through my head when different types of price action are taking place. The notes I have written on the charts are what I wrote at the time the market was in that position.
This will give you a genuine insight as to how a professional trader views and sees the market, and give you a new perspective on market dynamics.
Expert Technical Guidance
Make better, clearer, and more informed decisions when actively trading in the markets
Price Action Analysis
Choose your entries with more insight and consideration to current price action
Fund Manager Insights
Gain new perspective by seeing the thought-process of a real-life fund manager

My charts have over a decade’s worth of trading knowledge laid down on them. My peers and colleagues at the hedge fund I work for have all contributed to the methods and techniques I now use today!


You will receive 3 of my personal trading charts, which include a Gold price chart, a EUR/USD price chart, and a Boeing price chart. Also included is a detailed text analysis which explains the chart annotations in more detail.

You can purchase these charts through PayPal or Debit / Credit card. Checkout is very simple and your products will be sent out to you straight after.

The charts will be sent to you in an email (I send each one out personally), and come in .PDF format which makes them viewable on almost all devices.

Not at all. These charts are designed to help you understand the markets to a professional level and ultimately increase your profits. Traders who are just starting out, and others who have been trading for a number of years have all benefited from studying the information on my charts.

Yes. If you live in the USA, UK, European Union, Canada or Australia then you will be able to purchase my HedgeFX trading charts. Just select the currency flag you require and then complete your checkout as normal.

I really hope so! When you purchase my trading charts you are getting exclusive insights into my trading methods, and as a professional trader who actually gets paid a salary to do this job, I hope there will be tons of very specific advice you can use to trade to a much a higher standard, and ultimately make more money in the markets!

User Reviews from Students 2 months after purchasing and using HedgeFX Charts
Trading Charts Review: Markus
Markus Gregory
Rating: 4.5
Rating: 4.5
Had much more detail than I was expecting. The Gold chart is super insightful and I'm looking forward to using the ideas in my trading plan.
Trading Charts Review: James
James Heitzler
Rating: 4.1
Rating: 4.1
I've read many trading books and have to say the information in these charts was far easier to understand. Would recommend.
Trading Charts Review: Sophie
Sophie Zhao
Rating: 3.8
Rating: 3.8
Wasn't sure what to expect but was happy to find the HedgeFX Trading Charts very helpful for me personally. Will there be any more?
Trading Charts Review: Rajesh
Rajesh Kulkarni
Rating: 5.0
Rating: 5.0
Incredibly professional trading ideas and I have already made some profits which covered the charge of the charts in just one trade. 5/5
Trading Charts Review: Benjamin
Benjamin Williams
Rating: 3.1
Rating: 3.1
Well presented but not much that hasn't been done before. Have tried some of the methods with limited to no-success.
Trading Charts Review: Stewart
Stewart Underhill
Rating: 4.4
Rating: 4.4
Printed these out and used my highlighter to mark important sections, they look great stuck to the wall at my trading desk!
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HedgeFX Trading Charts

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