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Whether you are a trading newbie, or experienced investor, this website has all of the inside information you need to become consistently successful in the stock market.

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I have designed this site to contain all of the resources you need to make a success for yourself in the stock market. I give away 99% of my content completely FREE and all of my blog posts are written by me personally.


My teaching methods are different to most, I give you the TOOLS and INFORMATION you need so that you can use them to develop your own trading style.

Learn How to Trade the Stock Market

Why is learning to trade and invest in the stock market SO damn difficult?


This is a myth, the people with the highest IQ’s do NOT make the best traders.


If you are struggling in the markets then there’s a good chance you haven’t had any form of professional training. The majority of individuals who trade full-time have been industry-taught by someone who trades professionally (as their career). This is partly the reason I developed this website, to help people who are not fortunate enough to have this opportunity.


and perhaps the biggest mistake I see, is people not focusing on learning the correct materials. They (generally) spend too much time reading other people’s rubbish on BabyPips or expecting a site like Investopedia to teach them how to day-trade to an industry standard level. This is never going to happen because the advice is too vague, not focused enough, and doesn’t give them the correct platform to build their own ideas or methods.

Manage your trading study time on this website effectively, and reach your full trading potential

This site has a lot of information so in order to get the best out of it, it’s important you mange your time effectively. Start off by signing up to my newsletter, which will give you some trading tips to get started, and then check out my HedgeFX charts to understand what they are and how they can help you.


If you get time to read a blog post or two then that will help you, if not, just bookmark the page and come back to it later.

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How to Invest your Money
What is the best TRADING TIP for a newbie wanting to learn stock trading?
How to Invest Money in Stocks
"Timing is the most fundamental aspect of trading"

Whether it’s timing a pullback in an uptrend, timing how long you keep a position open, or the time it takes you to find the information which takes your trading knowledge to a level where you can be consistently profitable.


Getting your timing right is a key factor, and is most likely what will determine your overall success as a trader or investor.

My best trading tip is to do everything you can to understand market price action, this will help develop your timing to a level where you give yourself the best opportunity to make money in the markets.


Everything you need to know is here on the website and my HedgeFX. charts are an annotated version of price action in the markets.